Aid & Attendance Fact Sheet


Our staff is dedicated to the men and women who proudly served their country
and are entitled to these benefits by their sacrifice and service.

The purpose of the Aid & Attendance Benefit is to provide benefits for war era veterans and their surviving spouses who require the attendance of a caregiver to assist in activities of daily living. We understand the urgency of being awarded this benefit due to the escalating cost of Home Care services.

What is the Aid & Attendance Benefit?
The Aid & Attendance Benefit provides benefits for war era veterans and their surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in at least two of the daily activities of living such as eating, bathing, dressing and undressing, transferring and the needs of nature. It is a non–service connected disability benefit, meaning the disability does not have to be a result of service.


Who is Eligible for the Aid & Assistance Benefit?

  • Wartime Veteran
  • Veteran has at least 90 days of active duty with 1 day beginning or ending during a period of War
  • Veteran is at least 65 years of age
  • You are the surviving spouse of a War-Time Veteran


What are the Service Requirements of the Aid & Attendance Benefit?

  • Discharged from branch of U.S. Military under conditions other than dishonorable
  • Served minimum of one day during one of the following wartime periods:
    • World War I: April 6, 1917 – November 11, 1918
    • World War II: December 7, 1941 – December 31, 1946 (extended to July 25, 1947, where continuous with active duty on or before December 31, 1946)
    • Korean Conflict: June 27, 1950 – January 31, 1955
    • Vietnam Era: August 5, 1964 – May 7, 1975 (February 28, 1961 for a veteran who served “in country” before August 5, 1964)
    • Persian Gulf War: August 2, 1990, through a date to be prescribed by Presidential proclamation or law.


What does the Aid & Attendance Benefit mean to you?

  • You can afford the home care services you need
  • This benefit does not need to be paid back
  • This benefit is tax free


What Documents Will VetAttend Need?

  1. Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate (Surviving Spouses only)
  2. Marriage Certificate for both husband and wife when both are still living
  3. Asset Information (bank account statements, etc.)
  4. Verification of Income (social security award letter, and statements from pensions, IRAs, annuities, etc.)
  5. Veteran’s discharge papers or DDForm214
  6. Previous VA benefit statement
  7. Physician Information (name, phone number, address)


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